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Ollie Jordan

Expect nothing and when the graft starts to pay off, it's a beautiful thing.

Meet Oliver Jordan

Olie joined EVO in October 2020 and reached 'funded trader status' within 6 months of joining us. He is an integral part of our community and already brings massive value to the EVO Club contributing weekly with technical insights, and general trading tips.

Olie is a huge inspiration & role model for beginner traders just starting out as he has proven that you can make incredible progress in a short amount of time with a dedicated attitude and relentless work ethic.

Read more about Olie's trading journey and the valuable advice he has to offer in his interview below.

Olie got funded in April 2023  
When did your trading journey first begin?

I’d say it all stems back from when I was around 17, my friend's father was telling me about some experiences he’d had within the stock market, and as much as was interested I couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell me but, how I wish I could.

Being young I never thought to pursue it as the source of income and left it be.

 Some years later as I’m sure everybody has seen, the world of trading is plastered everywhere. I wanted to get involved but naturally, didn’t know where to begin. I did the whole YouTube education scenario and thought I was getting somewhere, turns out I’m just mixing multiple concepts and eventually I got fed up with being overwhelmed by the technical analysis and bought a pretty standard course on how to use the typical RSI, MACD, EMAs etc.

I could see how this would work but I felt I was taking so many trades, with such a low strike rate and low returns, there just had to be more....

Every time I lost, I wanted to blame the indicator (it's quite funny looking back at it). I then decided to join EVO after watching some of their content online.

"Drawdown & losing periods are inevitable. What makes a trader is the ability to push through those tough times."

What was it that made you want to pursue trading? 

Freedom, I was sick of working for these corporate entities, at times it was fun and it served a purpose but realistically, it's nice to have things on your own terms.

What advice would you give to an inspiring individual that's about to start trading? 

Trust the process and be careful with how you spend your time. There's a fine line between seeing/following someone for inspiration and having that set you back or even worse using it to give yourself an unrealistic timescale for your own success.

Everyone has their own journey, theres people out there older than me who have taken a longer, or even less time to become profitable and guess what there are people younger all the same. It’s a never-ending circle, do what you gotta do for yourself, your journey is your own.

Enjoy the process, expect nothing, and when the graft starts to pay off it's a beautiful thing....

Olie on holiday in Tunisia
When you’re struggling with your performance and going through drawdown, what protocols do you put in place?

Data-driven, if you’ve collected the data and taken the time to do the case studies you know that you’re to expect a period of drawdown, the distribution of wins and losses will come.

I often look back at this data when I take a loss and if it’s a valid loss, then that fine, if it's not then this needs to be addressed, documented and avoided the next time.

Drawdown is inevitable, losing periods are inevitable. I think what makes a trader, well I know what makes a trader is the ability to push through those tough times.

Personally, I take time away from the charts to refocus myself – come back the next day, or even next week.

What is something unexpected that you love about trading?

How all-encompassing it can be for your whole life, from exercise to eating and mental well-being you’ll thrive in each area and see the results within the market.

"EVO is a beast from end to end made up of many components. I can't thank the team & it’s community enough."

How has EVO assisted your development as a trader? 

There’s no longer doubt, but expectations and mindfulness. The concepts have helped me to have a realistic expectation of how a trade may play out and the EVO process itself has given me confidence through gathering data, and case studies (a broken record I know).

EVO is a beast from end to end made up of many components.

From the webinars to the course itself and the people who continuously share/answer questions freely + the mentorship from the man himself Ollie, there is a wealth of knowledge to explore.

This is what makes the EVO community the best.


What is your next immediate trading goal?  

Gather more data, refine my strategy, and acquire even more funding.

I can't thank EVO and it’s community enough.

Big love Ol.