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George Mortley

Believe in yourself and trust the process.

Meet George Mortley

George has been part of the EVO family for almost 2 years. His understanding of the EVO Concepts is second to none and he's an active, cherished member of our community. In 2021, George enrolled in the 'Mentorship' program offered by EVO and was mentored 1:1 by EVO's founder, Ollie. 

George is now a funded trader and runs his own property business alongside his trading. Big things are certainly on the horizon for George, and we couldn't be happier for him! Check out the full interview below.

When did your trading journey first begin?

My journey has been on and off for several years to be honest, I dipped in and out throughout my late teens but really started to take things seriously from age 22 onwards (2018).

I was searching online for educational programs, degrees, college courses and stumbled across my first trading education company. I joined the community at the very beginning when it was more or less an educational course along with a signal copying service. The course and community then developed over time which is when I started to really dig deep in the material. To be fair, the best part about it was the community and webinars…

I then moved on and joined another community which was the most toxic place I’d ever seen – the owner of the group would regularly call people out a humiliate them in front of the 1000+ members. Essentially public shaming and bullying.

I then left this community and because I knew Ollie from the first education company and reached out to him about joining EVO!

"EVO has helped me turn my trading from an unprofitable hobby, into a profitable business."

What was it that made you want to pursue trading? 

I was introduced into the trading world at a young age as my father was a Trader in the city for many years. Often as a child, he’d ask me to check the price of Cable on Teletext and would quiz me on it when he got home from work.

He was a Futures Trader for Phillips & Drew in the pits of the Royal Exchange which was eventually bought out and merged with UBS. He still trades to this day and always will do, so we catch up several times a day about the markets. He doesn’t know this yet, but I plan to write a book as some of his stories need to be heard – utter madness. I’m going to call it ‘Tales of a London Trader/ Stockbroker’.

My uncle (mothers’ side) has also been involved in trading for many years, he is now VP and Head of Trading Compliance for Sociate Générale. My grandfather, his father also dabbled in commodities trading for many years.

So, I guess you could say it’s in my blood – from both sides of my family.  

What advice would you give to an inspiring individual that's about to start trading? 

Firstly, I think its important to understand and confirm if this is really what you want to do. It is not an easy or cheap path to take despite what you may read online which is why I think the stats are so high for people starting, losing money, and then never getting involved in the markets again.

I’d say you need to be prepared for a journey, it’s a long game and it takes time, dedication, and pure relentlessness to get there. But when you do, and you will, that journey will make you – mentally, financially, and potentially physically.

I say it’s not cheap because you need to invest in yourself massively. You will blow accounts and lose money; you will need to invest in educational courses and perhaps even be mentored.

To summarise, stick with it. If you want it bad enough, it’s yours.

George checking his running positions in town
When you’re struggling with your performance and going through drawdown, what protocols do you put in place?

Drawdown is inevitable, losing periods are inevitable. I think what makes a trader, well I know what makes a trader is the ability to push through those tough times.

Personally, I take time away from the charts to refocus myself – come back the next day, or even next week.

Being in drawdown is a really tough place to be and it can feel incredibly personal whereby you don’t want to share that with anyone. Its important to talk about it with others, they can offer advice or support which will massively help. At the end of the day, everyone has experienced it and you never know, someone you know might be in the exact same position at the same time, “Drawdown Friends” - Jay Cartwright. 

What is something unexpected that you love about trading?

I would say the community. Trading can be a very toxic place, you only have to visit certain communities and social media to see that but when you find a great community, it’s brilliant. 

Everyone is there to support one another, we are all on the same journey, albeit at different stages and with that comes respect and admiration. The group, the community can turn strangers from across the globe into friends.

"You will find people that will doubt you, doubt the industry so it’s important to truly believe in yourself and your ability."

How has EVO assisted your evolution as a trader? 

EVO has helped me turn my trading from an unprofitable hobby, into a profitable business.

The course has given me a more in-depth understanding of the markets and has allowed me to home in on my edge and start making decent money. It’s also given me an outlet to discuss trading with people (other than my dad) which I think is really important for learning and development. 

The ongoing support is also a massive benefit, I have had private mentoring with Ollie too which I feel accelerated my trading.


George enjoying a pint 🍺 
What is your next immediate trading goal?  

My next focus is to continue increasing my funded capital whilst diversifying with different prop firms. I don’t want all of my managed capital to be through only one or two firms as anything could happen, as we saw with Funding Talent.

More importantly though, my next goal is to hit another profitable quarter whilst refining my strategy.

I’d also like to start giving back to others, helping new aspiring traders on their journey.

"Believe in yourself and trust the process.

It takes time, but it’ll be worth it!".

Do you have any final words of wisdom? 

Believe in yourself and trust the process.

Not many people (outside of trading) will understand your journey, your why or how hard you are working let alone what trading actually is. You will find people that will doubt you, doubt the industry so it’s important to truly believe in yourself and your ability.

I have a friend that used to take the piss because I was learning to trade, never believed in it, thought it was complete nonsense. Earlier this year I caught a 5RR whilst in the pub with him (on a 6-figure funded account). All of a sudden, he was then interested in what I was doing… 

It takes time, but it’ll be worth it!




How can we keep up with you?

You can find me on Instagram - @liquidity_fx_